Staff Weekly

Published October 14, 2019

This Week's Meetings

Tuesday: CASE Training during 2, 5, and 7 (UA...I'm not sure if we need you for this one. I'll check with Stacie and Tia)

Wednesday: Co-Teaching Training for Sped/ELA pairs, Collab Plan with Stacie for all others Team leader has to change. I have class tonight.

Thursday: Writing PLC. Please read the Intro and chapter 1 prior to our PLC. UA team, you will be meeting but we'll have a different agenda. 1, 2, 5, 7 Math Vertical Team after school

Upcoming Meetings

October 22: CASE Testing, Reverse 2 hour delay schedule. No Meetings.

October 23: CASE Testing, Reverse 2 hour delay schedule. No Meetings.

October 24: No Meetings.

October 29: Reading and Math ATMs (both plans) No Meetings for Sci/SS Teachers.

October 30: Sci/SS Tutorial Adjustments (both plans) No Meetings for Math/ELA Teachers.

October 31: No Meetings

November 5: We work today. Agenda: PGPs, Holistic scoring calibration, Unit planning

November 6: Group Score Reading ER's

November 7: Group Score Math ER's

Vertical Team PLCs

Reminder to bring evidence of goal implementation to our vertical meetings. These are the goals you wrote in October:


  1. Monthly, bring and analyze student work to determine needs and track progress towards our goal of 80% proficiency--need to refine this goal. What work are we bringing? Are we planning this in advance? Is there something specific the 6 of us can commit to doing with regularity and then use this time to evaluate student performance and next steps?
  2. By May 2020, have a Bally Writing Policy and Plan in place to support writing in all content areas--need to refine this goal to create some mini-goals. What will you DO monthly to create the plan?


  1. Complete CUBES word problems 4 times per week and complete 1 written writing prompt per unit explaining how to correctly solve a math problem with appropriate vocabulary.
  2. At least weekly, use CASE question bank to administer checks to maintain rigor of priority standards/calibrate.


  1. Implementation of 3D instruction daily as evidenced in lesson plans.
  2. Collaboratively write summative assessments that measure mastery of disciplinary core ideas through the practices and cross-cutting concepts.

Social Studies

  1. Collaborate with one other content area to implement one authentic literacy assignment.--this goal needs some revision. How are we collaborating? What are we doing? What is the authentic assignment? One for the year?
  2. Per Unit, our team will incorporate inquiry practices (questioning, investigating, using evidence, communicating conclusions/claims) into disciplinary content. How? When? How often?

End of Quarter

The quarter ends on October 16th.

2nd quarter begins on October 17th.

Grades must be in IC by October 23rd. Progress reports will be run and mailed home on October 24th.