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Why Teachers Matter.
Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion
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Are You a Whole Teacher?

"Do you promote and reinforce doing things that haven’t been done before, where you and your learners have to rethink or think anew?"

Over at teacherthought, they have an article about being a whole teacher and a self-assessment to see if you are.

"Whole Child Learning is a thing; Whole Teaching should be a thing too, no?"

It is 30-questions, there aren't buttons to click on, but the questions are interesting to think about:

  • Do you and your learners use a variety of tools to solve new problems?
  • Do you create opportunities for learners to put empathy into action; engage in pro-social behavior intended to benefit others?
  • Do you encourage your learners to add their own “personal touches” to their learning experiences?

Check it out...

Kid President Upgrades the World!

National Museum of African American History and Culture

I'm planning on going to the Grand Opening of the NMAAHC on Sept 24. Taking a group would be fun. If you'd like to go as a group of HCPS teachers, let me know. Fill out this form. I'm assuming we have to just show up, not get a ticket. But I'll pay attention to that. It opens at 8am, so I'm planning on getting there early, or the night before.

If you're interesting in going up as a group, click here.

Link to the museum.

Schoology News

Welcome to Schoology! Now that all teachers have access, we can start transitioning from Google and School Space. Here is my goal:

  • Everything will be in Schoology, only. I'm not moving anything from School Space anymore as it's old, bad, or won't fit the 2015 Curriculum Framework. I'm moving anything from Google into Schoology. I will no longer use Google docs to share resources, just Schoology.
  • I have a group in Schoology for all Social Studies teachers. Soon, I will shut down the Google Group. To gain access to the group, go to Groups>Click Join>Paste in the following for the code to get in: 89QMX-SRCK4.

For those who are new to Schoology, there are many ways I can share resources with you all. Each has pluses and minuses. Other Specialist may do things differently, but for us, I am using COLLECTIONS which is a tool in the Resources section of Schoology. My number 1 goal is for you to have access to a folder that updates on your end whenever I upload items into a folder.

If I just used the Resources folders in the Group, or had you link to my Personal folder, as soon as you have access to my folder, you won't get new things I upload unless if you deleted the folder and then re-linked. That's a pain.

So, I will personally add each and every one of you to a collection. But once that is done, whenever I update, you'll be updated without even knowing it. That will be the easiest way.

Teacher|Student Opportunities

Richmond's own Black History Museum

Beginning May 10th, Richmonders will have access to the new, improved, relocated Black History Museum at 122 W. Leigh Street. Its old digs (at 00 Clay Street) have been the headquarters of the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia for 35 years, but the new space is bigger, more accessible, and, well, there’s the fact that it looks like a Super Mario Bros. brick castle, which I think we all can agree is pretty amazing.

More info.

Henricus Summer Fun

Henricus Middle School Teacher Workshop - Join consultants of Colonial and Virginia Indian history and the staff of Henricus Historical Park for a day of workshops. Agenda includes site-based activities, round table discussions and primary source/ archaeology activities and Project- and Problem-Based Learning activities. This workshop is for all public, private and homeschool educators of middle school students (grades 6-9). For more information, call 804-318-8731. Thursday, July 28, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. $8 per teacher; lunch included.

More information here.

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Pamplin Park Summer Institute

This summer Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier is offering educators an opportunity to study the Civil War and Reconstruction through classes that combine classroom experience with tours and hands-on activities at Pamplin Historical Park.

They are offering two seminar programs this year; a 5-day program and a compressed, 3-day program. Each program has a different theme, so you can pick your favorite or take both.

Click here for info.

Instructional Ideas

Click here to go to the HCPS SOL Resources WikiPage

Digital resources for SOL courses including state guidelines, online textbooks, and other resources to use in the classroom.

Sorry if it's late APUSH

Tom Richey has put together a great page of resources for students who are reviewing for that exam. Tom's AP US History review page includes short strategy guides for each part of the exam. Those guides include PDFs and videos with strategy hints.

Students in need of specific content area review will find plenty of videos. The videos are organized by period according to the AP exam structure. The videos on Tom Richey's AP US History review page are produced by Tom as well as others including Keith Hughes, Daniel Jocz, and Timothy Betts who all have large followings of their own on YouTube.

Click here.

Make Homework Fun?

An article from TED:

When’s the last time your students got excited to do homework? Or said things like, “Wow…just WOW. It is amazing how much is out there that we just don’t know about”? What if every homework assignment could expand a student’s worldview while engaging a kid’s natural curiosity? One middle school teacher took on this challenge — so you don’t have to.

This is about the TED Ed Site with lessons you can use and create.

Check it out.

This is Sparta: Fierce warriors of the ancient world - Craig Zimmer

Learning from Others

It's a good thing we all love to learn... because there's plenty out there. I just discovered a new blog through Schoology (I belong to the Schoology Social Studies group which has nearly 6500 members from all of the place) which I like. There's a lot of blogs out there, but this is a good one with a catchy title: Rosie the Riveting.

The blogger is a middle and high school history teacher named Jenna. One of her posts showed how you can create an acrostic poem (It's National Poem Month) to use as a quiz. It gives student choice and really can show you what kids know and understand.

Breaking the Zimmerman Code

Great activity for students to read the Zimmerman Telegram.

"Chances are that you have studied the Zimmermann Telegram in a history class, but have you ever actually seen the coded message? German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann sent the diplomatic message to Heinrich von Eckardt, the German ambassador in Mexico City, instructing him to speak to the president of Mexico. He proposed that the two nations strike an alliance; if Mexico waged war against the United States, thereby distracting Americans from the conflict in Europe, Germany would lend support and help Mexico reclaim Texas, New Mexico and Arizona."

Trivia and Other Balderdash

Trivia 2015 - 2016: Teachers- 13 and Me- 11.5

Last week: Drew Baker sort of won from Glen Allen. He didn't get one of the 5 questions correct.

Last week's Connections question:

  • Springsteen and Martin Sheen have this in common (Badlands)
  • One Tree Hill and unnamed streets have this in common (Joshua Tree)
  • Joe Walsh and John Denver have this in common (Rocky Mountain High)
  • Eleanor and Franklin have this in common (Teddy Roosevelt)
  • Dressage and race walking have this in common (Olympics)

What do they all have in common? They're all National Parks, celebrating the Park Service's 100th Anniversary.

This week:

  • Your best card
  • 1956 slogan, at any price
  • 1928 movie staring Madge Bellamy
  • Nigerian Princes and Charles Ponzi qualify as this
  • 2015 "Mockumentary" about Ingrid Porrez and Simon Vos

What do they all have in common?

Drunk History - Harriet Tubman Leads an Army of Bad Bitches