Satire Box Project

By: Chase Mansfield Spence


Satire is a way of using hyperboles, mockery, and/or comedy to get points or rather messages across by using modern issues in society or around the world in hopes for people to understand the real meaning.
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Saturday Night Live (SNL)

Saturday Night Live is a TV show that uses multiple type of skits that uses parodies, satirical, and situations of the present day to entertain many viewers.
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Pawel Kuczynski Satire Work #1

This piece of satire is showing a car's tire tracks maneuvering around the check boxes that all have green check marks before ending up crashed against a box that is being dashed red. The meaning behind this piece of work is that car companies do tests but if they don't see a problem in some areas they will only drift around them and stay concerned to the obvious problems that they run into.
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John Holcroft Satire Work

The picture shows a hand inserting a coin in the back of what seems to be a doctor. The back of the doctor has two slots, one for paying and another for returning the money. The meaning behind this picture is that people/society like in the United States has to pay the healthcare system money before being able to be taking care of by doctors. The reason why there is also a return slot for money is because like vending machines, if a patient doesn't have enough money the patient would be denied of service even if he/she needed care.
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Pawel Kuczynski Satire Work #2

This satirical picture shows a man and woman kissing as a 'man' is coming out of the man's head/brain to take a smoke break. The meaning behind this pictures is either saying that men/women do not think with their brain when going into a relationship with another person or saying that in general love makes people not think straight.
Define/ Explain Satire By Sandy H
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My Own Meme

This is a meme about the new conspiracy theory that rose by a fan on Reddit, as the new Star Wars movies comes closer to date. The theory is how the 'dumb and useless' character, Jar Jar Binks, should have ended up revealing himself as the powerful other half of Yoda at the end of Attack of the Clones.