By: Tyler Edison, Allison Johnson, and Kayla Steelman

By: Tyler Edison

Hydropower has been used to produce energy for over 135 years. In 1849, The Francis Turbine was invented, wich is the most wisely used turbine today.

The installation cost of a small scale hydroelectric plant vary widely, on the order of $1500-$10,000 per Kw. The construction cost of the hoover dam was $25 million.

BY: Allison Johnson

The Hydropower dam does NOT pollute the water but it does have big impacts. some of them include animals go homeless, the space is limited because it takes up lots of space. The dam destroys forests, wild life habitat, agricultural lands and senic lands One of the cons are if too much water gets trapped behind the resivior parts of the river can dry out. If the water is not released properly it can have negative effects on wild life. One of my major concerns is that what if there is a town down stream of the dam and it brakes. Then what are you to do? It would cost thousands maybe even millions to fix all the damage. Can our budgets handle that type of expenses

BY: Mostly Tyler Edison

A hydroelectric power station converts the kinetic energy of flowing water into electrical energy that can be used in homes and businesses. The water from a river or lake allows a turbine to spin and create energy. It's kinda like a wind mill but water is used to spin the turbine instead of wind. The rotation of the turbine creates electricity which goes to the generator and then the power transmission cables which distributes the electricity.