Walter Mitty's Secret Life

Jake Chaban


Through the use of daydreams, James Thurber shows that Walter Mitty is a timid, victim, and has a low self-confidence.

Claim 1

First, Mitty is shown as a victim because his wife always tells him what to do. She takes advantage of him because she knows he can be pushed around easily. Since Mitty is easily pushed around, his wife can get almost anything she wants.
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Claim 2

Second, people talk down to Mitty many times. When Mitty talks to himself in the street, a woman heard him and made fun of him. His wife also talks down to him because she knows he will do nothing about it.
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Claim 3

Lastly, Mitty can not speak up for himself. He is unable to speak up to his wife when she puts him down. He also cannot speak up for himself to the garage men and the parking attendant.
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Through daydreams, Mitty is shown to be a timid person with low self-confidence.