Bobcat Bulletin

March 21, 2016

Dear Staff,

Friday morning will be here before we know it! Thank goodness! For the sake of time, I will bullet important items.

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday-1:00pm Leadership Day practice. We will send a runner to get you when your kids are needed.

  • Remind kids to wear red, white or blue on Thursday and wear your new red staff shirt.

  • Breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday will be served from the back door. Both will be eaten on the primary playground and kids will play there as well. DJ and noon duties have a plan.

  • Please tidy rooms and prep greeter and class tour guides for Thursday.

  • Bridgid will send out a video link to play for the first tour group you have on Thursday, just like we did las year. Then your students can take them on a tour of your room. Plan on small groups and independent seat work on Thursday. Great time to pull out the LIM students workbooks:)

  • Meet the Masters: Remember to check the schedule in the basket and pass the baskets on to the next grade level.

Happy Easter Break!!!