Austin Folan (aka Austin Foley)

By Kevin Sweeney

Austin Folan's Timeline

January 12th, 1897

My great grandfather, Austin Folan, was born in Bantrach, Baile na hAbhainn Galway, Ireland.

December 19, 1914

Austin Folan came to a boat in Liverpool, Ireland to immigrate to Ellis Island, New York. Austin was hard to understand because of his thick irish accent so the guy working at Ellis island put down his name as Austin Foley when it was really Austin Folan

Somewhere in 1919-1920

Austin and his siblings, Pat and Coleman, drew sticks to see who had to go back to Ireland to take care of their parents, Austin drew the shortest sticks and had to go back.

Early 1920's

Austin fought for the British and World War One and after that fought for Irish Independence, He would deliever messages on his motorcycle to Micheal Collins. Micheal Collins later became the first prime minister of Ireland after Ireland gained it's independence from the british.

August 4th, 1926

Austin Married Anne Connolly. He later had 10 kids with her!

July 31st, 1932

Anne gave birth to Austin's daughter and my grandmother, Nora Teresa Folan, in the Prison Cottages in Galway, Ireland. My grandma was a thug, she was LITERALLY born in prison!

July 31, 1976

Austin Folan sadly died in the Yountville Veteran's Home, CA where he was buried.

January 27, 1998

Austin's wife, Anne Folan died, yet she lived to be 99 years old!

Ireland's Timeline During Austin's Life

October 16th, 1890

Ireland's greatest hero and first Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, Michael Collins was born in County Cork, Ireland.

November 21st, 1920

This was the day of Bloody Sunday. In Dublin, Ireland, the Black and Tans (British Police in Ireland. Many of them abused their rank and did awful things to irish people) murdered many innocent Irishmen during a game of Gaelic Football. That day was a truly awful day.

December 6th, 1921

Ireland finally gained its independence from England. Micheal Collins then became the Taoiseach of Ireland, because he led the Irish to victory. He's like the Irish George Washington who didn't support.

August 22nd, 1922

Micheal Collins was assassinated by some Irish Republican Army soldiers during the Irish Civil War.

Extra Stuff

Austin's Kids (Oldest to Youngest)

Birthdays and days of death known

Peter - b. August 8, 1926; d. December 15, 1993

Mary - b. August 8th, 1928; d. April 1, 2006

Nora Teresa (My Grandma) - b. July 31, 1932 - d. August 11, 1985

Dates Unknown




Micheal John

Patrick Joseph


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Picture Above: Austin Folan's irish passport
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Picture Above: Austin Folan's birth certificate.