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Career Day Lauren Walters

This year, March 7, 2014, Fifth grade had a Career Day. This was a day at Shepherd Intermediate that students learned about different careers. Students listened to different people talk about different types of careers. Mrs. Cowen is a banker who talked to students about banking and gave each one a bag of goodies that included a pen, a pencil, Chap Stick, and a ruler. The ruler was made of recycled money. Mr. Cabiness, a firefighter, talked to us about the education and the training needed to become a firefighter and let a few people try on his uniform. Mrs. Courvelle, the nurse, talked about what it’s like to be a nurse. Other careers represented with speakers were a Veterinarian, Game Warden, Video Gamer, Pilot, Judge, and Police Officer.

Next year Career Day will be held on October 31, 2015 and will be an all day event, each student should be able to select the speaker they would like to see and get information about.

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Year of End Field Trips Sara Jimenez

Every year is filled with exciting adventure that we all looked forward to. On March 5, 2014 fourth grade students rode the bus to go on their field trip to the Natural Science Museum in Houston Texas. We interviewed fourth grade student Kailey Castillo about what they saw at the museum she said, ¨We looked at statues and dinosaur fossils¨. Kailey also said that they looked at mummies and old Indians.

Fifth grade student will be going to Kemah Boardwalk on April 25, 2014. Kemah has many exciting, and thrilling rides, but the most popular ride is The Boardwalk Bullet. The Boardwalk Bullet is a very big rollercoaster that everybody wants to ride.

Ally Theater at Shepherd Intermediate Sara Jimenez

Bullying is a very serious problem schools all over the world are facing. Bullying can happen in many ways. People that bully sometimes bully for fun, but others do it for a personal reasons. Schools try to prevent bullying all the time. Schools give speeches, pencils, and classes to motivate students.

The Alley Theater came to Shepherd Intermediate School to perform a short skit about bullying to Intermediate students. They acted out a play called, “Oskar and the Big Bully Battle”. Oskar had a pair of awesome shoes, and one day Frank accidentally stepped on Oskar's awesome shoes. Oskar thought that Frank did it on purpose, so Oskar decided to bully Frank for a week. Frank felt really sad, because Oskar was calling him names, hitting him, and spreading rumors about him. Then, one day Mrs. Hossenheaffer told Frank and Oskar that they should have a play date. Soon after that, a girl named Beth starts doing the same thing to Frank because that is what Oskar did. Then, Oskar confesses that he has bullied Frank and that Beth has bullied Frank as well. Soon, they go the principal’s office to discuss the situation. Beth confessed that she did it, because she was trying to impress Oskar, and she loved him. Later at that point in the play, they fix Frank’s super deluxe, magical, blue box that Beth destroyed. Frank does take the gift, but ignores that they gave it to him because he is picking more blueberries. They ask him why he has not stopped picking blueberries. He tells them that he is saving for a super duper, magical,

super deluxe yellow box. In the end, they both help him pick blueberries so Frank can buy a super duper, deluxe, magical yellow box. The point of this play was to encourage students to tell a trusted adult if you see someone, or you are being bullied.

STAAR Pep Rally Christian Castillo

Teachers from third fourth and fifth grade along with their “mini-me” performed a play to get the campus ready for the STAAR. The play is emphasized using your strategies and getting ready for the STAAR. The STAAR pep rally was March 26, 2014 and performed in the gym.

Teachers played the role of full grown students and what they had accomplished in their future, at a 25 years school reunion. It then turns into a flashback into the past where the students are reviewing the strategies. Some of the strategies mentioned were, get a good night sleep, have a good breakfast, and practice their strategies for 30 minutes at least 5 days before the test. Important days to remember are April 22nd for 3rd and 4th grade math STAAR test and April 23rd for 3rd and 4th grade reading and 5th grade science STAAR

Little Dribblers Christian Castillo

Every year Shepherd students sign up for Little Dribblers, a basketball league for local kids. Girls can be cheerleaders or join the boys. Basketball players are divided by grade levels. Each Saturday during the months of January and February, players, cheerleaders along with their friends and families met at the Shepherd Middle School Gym to watch the teams compete and cheerleaders would show their support with “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!”

Many students learn the basics to playing basketball with great coaches that volunteer their time and energy. Students spend many hours practicing in hopes of being winners, but in the end it should all be about supporting each other with excellent sportsmanship.