Types of Energy

There are many different types of energy.

Mechanical Energy

The energy acquired when work is done on objects.

Ex. 1. A weight lifter lifting a heavy weight.

2. A hammer hammering a nail into a wall.

Thermal Energy

Energy that comes from heat.

Ex. 1. Heating up the stove boil water.

2. Wood burning.

Electrical Energy

Energy carried by moving electrons.

Ex. 1. An outlet that you plug a lamp into.

2. Lightning.

Chemical Energy

Energy stored in the bonds of atoms.

Ex. 1. Fire

2. Baking soda and Vineger

Nuclear Energy

Occurs when the nuclei of atoms are changed.

Ex. 1. Nuclear Factory

2. Coal

Electromagnetic Energy

Energy that travels through space from stars.

Ex. 1. Gamma Rays

2. Ultraviolet Radiation