Argument writing in the classroom

Holes: Movie or Novel?

Argument writing is a very specific form of persuasive writing that draws on critical thinking that's essential to logic. There is little room for personal appeal in argument writing. Culham (2014). Arguments are used for a very specific purpose such as changing the readers point of view. In order to do so the writer must supply facts, data and evidence with information.

Holes: Movie or Novel?

After reading the novel and watching the movie, Holes, students will be placed into two different groups. One group will work together on collecting data, information and evidence to support that the Novel is better than the movie.

The second group will be working together with their peers on collecting data, information and evidence supporting that the Movie is better than the novel. Both groups will come up with valid information to present to the class as to which is better, the movie or novel. Students will need to keep in mind that this is based on facts rather than opinions.

Action Plan Steps

Source: Culham, R (2014) The Writing Thief: Using Mentor Texts to Teach the Craft of Writing. Newark DE. International Reading Association