An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

By: Ambrose Bierce

Plot Line

In the beginning of this short story there is a man on a brig about to be hanged. he is surrounded by enemy solders and below him is a river thought race thoughts his head only if I could free my hands I need to get back to my wife.

Next something really exiting happens he jumps from the brig in to the water with his hands tied he tried to get them out he is drowning. H finally gets his hands free and gets to safety running from the Yankees he finds his way home and every thing is how it was when he left then something shocking happens read this story to find out.


The theme of this story is the things you wold do to live he cooled have just excepted it and died but he didn't he wanted to live.

character information

Two Characters in this story are Payton and his wife

Payton Is A family guy all he wants is to get back to his family he will do any thing he has to.

His Wife isn't really talked about but you can tell she must be grate if he wants to get back to her so bad

major conflict

The Major conflict in this story is he is about to get hanged and he needs to survive to get back to his wife.

The hole story revolves around this when he is droning when he is running from the Yankees the hole story relays on this conflict.


Lots of grate Metaphors are in this story to explain and relate to the situation

One of my Favorites is "He gave the struggle His attention"

This Was used in the part where he is under water and struggling to get the rope of his hands.


Not only is this a action packed story about escaping a near death expressions the twist in the end is grate and really gets you thinking!