Tacos Saving Lives

Tacos Do What???

Recently studies have been done to tell if Tacos are truly good for you. These experiments show that it can decrease the chance of diabetes and increase your chances of longer life expectancy. In a recent surgery accident, tacos were shoved into a mans mouth to save his life. This man is now living a wonderful life with his wife and kids.

Goat the New Beef

Price for beef has dramatically increased because of the shortage of cows. Farmers are taking their talents to the goat world where the demand for cheap meat is higher than ever. Not only is it cheaper, its more delicious as well.

Montana Income Through the Rooff!!

Sony's production of PlayStation's are sky rocketing through the roof because of the ridiculous increase of income in Montana. Because people are making more money, they find themselves purchasing more consumer goods, such as PlayStations. Playstation stocks have increased because of high income.

More People Moving to Maine. Milk Purchases Increase.

Maine is one of the fastest growing states in the United States. Many come to the golden state for its cool temperatures, beautiful scenery, and its growing economy. Because of this increase in population, milk purchases are at an all time high, and many predict that milk purchases will increase more.

Is Pizza Healthy?

A recent study conducted by students conducted by Stanford University may show possible health benefits from pizza. The students tested 70 different people suffering with high cholesterol. The study showed that nearly 5/8 of the students cholesterol was lowered and benefited from the pizza treatment .
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