Bryan Medenwaldt

Traits of Judy

Independent- Judy is Independent and wants to be because at home she cant even get a smooch from her dad. Her dad just says "you're too old for that," Her mom says that it is just a stage. Her dad calls her a whore and she goes to the police about it but they don't do anything about it so she just wants her friends.

Nice- Judy Is nice to basically everybody she talks to but to her parents are the opposite. she was nice to Jim in the beginning she was just playing hard to get. She ended up being nice to everyone but she wouldn't get the nice back from her parents.

Crazy movie!

Main problems/Challenges

Throughout the movie Judy has problems with a lot of things. Her Dad is one oof the main problems, she goes to give him a kiss and he says stop, stop, stop. She goes and gets her things and leaves. She says i love you Dad and he has no reply. Her Dad was calling her a tramp and a slut so that makes her want to leave and want nothing from her father again. So she leaves and goes to the bluff, but the challenge for her is to not have her be loved but to love.


There are a lot of lessons to learn from in this movie. I think the biggest is you don't have to be crazy for your parents to notice more. Like when they had to move because Jim Stark couldn't get any friends because he was too reckless. His parents just kept moving him around and around but i think they should have stayed and been more strict on Jim because they would let him run out of the house whenever he wanted and all I know is for my family that will never fly.


Judy realizes a lot as the movie progresses, during the end as buzz died. When Jim Stark made the move to get her she realized she had never loved anyone before but she knows now what it is like to love someone. That is what she was looking for the whole time. She was always looking for someone to love her when she never knew what it was like to love. That was a huge change for judy.


The symbol i will use is when they see Platos socks, one is red and one is blue. I think that is a symbol because i feel that because he really never had a father or mother, he doesn't have anyone to tell him his socks are mismatched. I think Plato just wanted a real Family where he was loved, like the way he was when Jim was around.