News From 4J!

Weekly Events in Ms. Joerling's 4th grade class

This Week:

Happy Thursday! I hope you and your students will enjoy the 3 day weekend. Conferences are next week! If you need a reminder of your time again please shoot me an email. Plan for your conference to be 15-20 mins long.


No School Thursday Oct 20th or Friday Oct 21st next week.

Math: We continued rotations with multiplication, we practiced our multiplication properties and our multiplication facts. We also continued practice with our subtraction and addition skills.

Please continue practice at home with basic addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. The better students get at knowing them the easier math will be (:

Reading/Writing: We focused on the theme of stories this week and specifically in dramas or plays. Our instructional coach Mrs. Gosner came in and taught us some fun new reading strategies and vocabulary games. We learned there are 3 different ways to read a book, a new way of learning vocabulary and how to pick a book suited to our reading level.

Another highlight of the week included getting to participate in breakout edu, students had to find clues and solve them to find a treasure hidden in our classroom. This activity helped us work on our communication and teamwork skills.

Next week we are starting our new social studies unit on Civics which will cover the government specifically how elections work, perfect for the upcoming election!

Week 10 homework was sent home today! It is due next Wednesday!

Book Orders

  • Book Orders for October went home Monday
  • They are due October 31st
  • Ordering books from here helps our class earn free things like books, posters and bookmarks. The more orders we have the more things our class can receive.

If you need to change your conference time or sign up for one. Please email or call me

Contact Info:


Phone: 993-1625

Twitter: @msjoerling4