Local News Update

The Raft

Before the plane crash...

Robie was in honolulu visiting her aunt Aj but her aunt couldn't make it because she when’t on a trip.She was staying in her aunts apartment. Robie was leaving in a plane in a few days to go back to Midway which is her home town.One night she when't to go get dinner and she got muged witch frightened her.She left her aunts apartment to leave for the airport.Robie meet with Max and she never got registered for the plane they didn't now that she was on the plane they took off to Midway.

In the ocean...

On the way to Midway the plane went down because of a big storm and Max grabbed Robie and told her to jump and she didn’t want to while Max was saving her the plane went down. Finally Max and Robbie jumped out of the plane Max had a big cut on his head.There was a float waiting for them and they got on it right away.Max goes to lay down on one side of the raft while Robbie is frightened and scared out of her mind.It was a few days later and Max has not woke up yet.Robie found 2 bags one was a coast commander bag that had no water of food in it.The second one was a ditty bag that was Max’s and had a big pack of skittles in it and she ate it all.After a wile Robie pushed Max off the raft to keep the water out and the next morning he was gone.

On the island...

Robie found an island and she swam to it.She was talking to Max which was all a hallucination.She found a seal and named it Starbuck cause she likes Starbucks. She talks to Starbuck like she’s a human.She make it through a few months with only some food and water.She saw a ship and she thought it was fake.Then people from the ship came to get her and they thought she was crazy.She kept talking to Max and they took her back home.Robie got a few shots and told the doctor her name and he said her family was looking for her.She is happy now with her family.

Text to self

When Robbie was jumping from the plane i can relate to this is when i was jumping from a hot tub connected to a 9 feet deep pool.I was so scared to jump off it and drown.I just jump to make them stop shouting chicken.

Text to text

When Robie was jumping out the plane it reminded me of a tv show.The tv show was about a military person jumping out of a plane going down but was going to go to iraq.Because they we both scared to jump out of the plane but it would save their lives.

Text to world

When the plane went down it reminded me of one of the biggest plane crash ever.Then only a few people survived.

Text to self

When Max was worried about max and not his friend the pilot.It reminds me of my brother carrying me instead of his friend when we where hurt.Then his friend went home with my brother back to his friends house and i was alone.

Text to self

When she found a seal and named it.I saw a dog and it was my friends dog and i called it what i wanted it to be but when it died i was sad for a few days.