How to be a U.S. citizen

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U.S. citizen determination

If you're born in the U.S. you're automatically an U.S. citizen. If you were not born in the US. but you would like to become a citizen you have to go through a series of questions. If not born in the U.S. at least one of your parents have to be a citizen the U.S..

Are you old enough?

You have to be at least 18 or be a permanent resident in the U.S. for atleast 5 years to become a citizen.

Application Naturalization

When you meet all the requiriments to become a U.S. Citizen, you have to complete Form N-400 to apply for naturalization. If Form N-400 is incomplete the USCIS may then ask questions and this may take longer to become a U.S. Citizen.

Submiting Application for Naturalization

When submiting the form to the USACIS, you get a recept notice, you can check current processing times and the status of your application by going to the governments website of calling customer service.


The USCIS is required to have a fingerprint from you to make sure you don't have a criminal background. You must have your background check completed to schedule your interview. If you're 75 or older you do not have to do the fingerprint scan, otherwise you have to.


Once complete, USCIS will schedule an interview. You have to go to their office on the date and at the time scheduled for you. You must take your appointment notice. It's very important not to miss your interview, if you miss your interview you should write to the office that you have missed your interview and attempt to reschedule it. Rescheduling your appointment may delay it a few month so make sure not to miss it.

Granted? Or naw?

If granted, the evidence on the record confirms your eligibility for naturalization. If denied, then you are not eligible.

Oath of Allegiance

You can take the oath ceremony on the same day of your interview. If the oath is unavailable the USCIS will mail you a letter containing the date, time, and location of the oath ceremony. If you can not attend the ceremony that the USCIS has scheduled you, return the notice to your USCIS office, also include a letter explaining you can not attend the ceremony and and the USCIS if you could reschedule it.

Take the Oath

You're not a U.S. citizen unless you take the oath of allegiance at the naturalization ceremony. The oath is conducted by the USCIS at an administrative ceremony or a judge in a judicial ceremony. The court has exclusive authority to conduct ceremony in certain USCIS districts.

U.S. Citizenship

Citizenship connects through all Americans by birth and choice should honor and respect these responsibilities are legally required to every citizen, all are important to ensure the vitality and democracy of the country.