iPads Aren't That Scary

Flipped Professional Development makes learning easy!

Project Overview

For this project I wanted to provide some type of professional development to assist the staff at Morgan Elementary School. To establish this need I sent out a needs assessment survey. It was evident in the results that the greatest need was help using iPad; in general. One of the main problems I encountered was being out on maternity leave and not being able to physically be there all the time. So after doing some research, conducting a Flipped Professional development would be the best way to educate the staff and monitor their progress without being their physically. Using this method they were able to work at their own pace and learn in their own way. Using smore.com my the librarian I was working with and I created a flyer with weekly tasks and detailed instructions that the staff would complete using their iPads. For example, I wanted them to send me an email using the mail app, pick an iBook they'd like to use in their classroom and send me a screenshot of it, etc. To track their progress I gave each teacher a sticker of the app task they completed to place on a poster hanging outside their classroom door. My goal was to have the staff complete at least 50% of the tasks by the end of the year. At the end of the project I sent another survey requesting feedback from staff. I plan to use this feedback to improve future projects.

Links for Learning...

Smore Flyer

This is the flyer my librarian and I created together. Because I will no longer be working at the school, she will maintain and update the flyer for me.