Digital Citizenship

Social Media Alex h


Cyber bullying is a very large problem that covers most of Australia's social media's. Cyber bullying is when a person [adult or child] targets another person and bullies them with bad language and mean comments and mean pictures about the person. But its not just ordinary people that cop this crime, but large companies and industries that are constantly criticized for new ideas and changes that would be being made to the company. So what can you do if you know some one who or if you are being cyber bullied go to or to get the help you need.


for more information click here for more information on netiquette. Be kind respectful and responsible on the internet.

Online Safety

Always be safe on Social media and large websites. Never use bad language or be inappropriate because you could be reported and get into a lot of trouble. Always be kind respectful and tell a parent if you see any-thing that upsets you.

THINK before you go onto social media, don't ever go on social media when there is an age barrier and you are to young because you would be braking the law. THINK about what you have just searched if it is inappropriate stop the search. Don't ever reply to mean messages or comments on social media just stop block and report always tell a parent if you are being Cyber bullied.

Always HIDE your personal information when you are on social media. Never take pictures of yourself in your school uniform. Keep your information to your self.

KEEP your password to yourself do not share it with any one. KEEP personal details to yourself when creating accounts because the more you put down the easier it is for people to find you.