Parts of the Puzzle

A unique piece in each of us

You are Unique

Each of us are unique in our own beautiful way.

I'm enjoy sharing that uniqueness all the time at every opportunity that I get.

As an educator of students with special needs, I have tons of reasons to share! In the month of April, I'm asking everyone I can to lend their support to help all those unique pieces of life's puzzle that are on the Autism Spectrum. I have a personal goal to sell 30 of these special unique bracelets.

I'm very happy and proud to have your support. You'd be surprised at the impact you can have on the life of another.


AUTISM AWARENESS UPDATE - 4/11/16: WOW! Talk about impact! In just 3 DAYS, Stella & Dot has sold more Autism Awareness bracelets than we sold in the ENTIRE MONTH of April 2015! With this incredible impact you are helping to make, we are close to selling out of the Harmony bracelet, but that’s not going to stop us from supporting @hollyrodfdn HollyRod Foundation all month long! If you missed the Harmony bracelet, ORDER NOW before these sell out!
We will still be honoring Autism Awareness Month through the end of April and have added 3 NEW STYLES to our Shop for a Cause boutique: Pave Wishing Bracelet – Gold, Wishing Bracelet – Elephant and the Wishing Bracelet – Horseshoe. You can purchase any or all of these newly added styles here: via the link included below. These $19 bracelets are going to help us to do so much good this year! XO,

How can you get one?

Simply click the link above, and for $19 you can purchase your own.

From April 1 - 30th, you can purchase this simple unique bracelet that will give support to those diagnosed with Autism. Not your taste, don't worry, get something comparable and let your support be seen stylishly.

Each purchase of support, proudly allows the HollyRod Foundation to support families and children achieve limitless goals. You'd be surprised at the impact you can have on the life of another.

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