Relationship Evaluation

By: Alexa Boyd

A Good Listener

My Nana is a great listener. She is a great listener because when you are talking she knows when it is important and when it can wait. If it is really important than she will talk it out and help you with what ever is going wrong. Another reason why she is a goo listener is, that she cares no madder what. Even if it is not about her she will listen.

Positive Decisions

Someone in my life who makes positive decisions is, my Dad. I think he makes positive decisions for many reasons. One reason why i think he makes positive decisions is, when he makes a decision all people are happy. I think that is positive because he makes people happy like me my mom and even my little sister. Another reason why i think he makes positive decisions is, he always knows what to say and do. One time someone made fun of my hair and i went to my dad and he said that everything was ok and he hugged me.

Amazing Communicator

Someone in my life who is a great communicator is my friend Alyssa. Even though she lives all the way in Indiana i still keep in touch with her over Skype. When she talks to me she looks at me and listens to what i have to say. When she listens it shows me that she cares and if i have a problem she is trying to fix it. Another reason why she is a good Communicator is she asks questions when i am done speaking. This is good because, she doesn't want to get off topic.

A Good Leader

A person in my life who is a Good Leader is my own mom. She is uplifting. When she is uplifting it makes me feel happy. It makes me feel like i should follow her and what she does. Also she tries her best. When she tries her best it encourages me to try my best. This makes her a good leader because she is setting a good example.