Iceberg Island

Known for oil! By:Abigail Jaimes


Welcome,this is Iceberg Island I hope after this you will want to visit or even LIVE HERE!

Geography Of The Island

If your curious where in the world this island is,it is in the Atlantic Ocean.It's close to Iceland and you don't know where Iceland it is close to Greenland.It is very warn here so if you thought of visiting bring a pair of shorts.
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Government Of The Island

The amazing government we have is "Republic". Many people living here like our government because they get to choose where they want to work and it helps them see which job have exceptional pay or just a weekend job that isn't as much pay.We are a limited which means; government's power is limited,(officals must also follow laws and can not take advantage of their positions.
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Economy Of The Island

The type of economy Iceberg Island has is"Capitalism" which is; economic system in which people own the businesses and make the economic decisions,(businesses can be run for profit),limited government intervention.It helps people be able to start a business if the would like or if the business is already made they could get a job and not be restricted for a certain job.We are a developed country and it helps our people because every business is very successful and that helps everybody get a job which you will become successful. Even brand new businesses become successful very fast.The most money we make out of agriculture,manufacturing and/or services would be manufacturing because we are know for making the top amounts of oil.It impacts on our people greatly especially if you work for our oil company you get good, you mostly can choose your hours. It also helps our country because we have good businesses in oil company and that will help our economy be better.
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Natural Resources

The natural resource/products that are imported are corn,wheat, bananas and milk.The natural resources/products that are exported oil,rice and fabrics.
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Iceberg Island was established in 1980 21st century and the government of Iceland wanted to make Iceberg Island a place.