Fifth Grade News


Life After SOLs

You would think that business would calm down after the Big Tests, but it's full-steam-ahead, as always in 5th Grade.

Our graduation is on Friday, June 3rd. Families are invited to the cafeteria at 1:30 to begin the ceremony, after which we will proceed to Bowl America to continue celebrating. Please notify us as soon as possible if any issues remain with transportation. This is truly an incredible event. Get ready.

In Math, we're working hard to pave the way for 6th Grade, where more numbers are replaced by letters and the word problems get even more confusing. The end of the year Social Studies Project will be starting soon as well. Our sympathies go out to those 5th Graders who believed that their work load was thinning.

In Language Arts, students have begun their Poetry Unit in preparation for Young Authors' Day on June 15th. This is another celebratory event to which all are invited. Come and snap your fingers to the professional poetry and prose performed by our up and coming authors. Refreshments will be served by our famous, friendly and underpaid 5th Grade wait staff.

We hope that all of you enjoyed the day off today and took the time to remember those who served our country. Memorial Day, or Decoration Day, as it was first called, was established in 1868, three years after the Civil War. It is worthwhile indeed to take a minute and reflect upon what our country has been through since then.

Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday.

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Students Concentrate on their Unit 11 Test

Important Dates

05/31 Community Service Hours Due

06/03 Fifth Grade Awards and Celebration

06/07 Strings/Band Recruitment Assembly

06/14 Field Day

06/15 Young Authors' Day

06/17 Last Day of School