Everyone is different


Stargirl-She does not  care what people think of her,she just cares about other people.She is differnt from the other kids at her school.Leo-Stargirls boyfriend and he wants Stargirl to be like the rest of the kids and not so differnt.Kevin-is Leos best friend.Hillari-hates Stargirl and is a bully.Archie-A wise man that everyone goes to and love bones and skeletons.Cinnoman-Stargirls pet rat. 

Kids pick

(page 186) Leo gets a porcupine necktie from Stagirl long after she moved away.

Figurative Language

Stong verbs

He flapped his hand to get Stargirl to go away.(page 23)The cheerleaders screamed up onto the bleachers.(page 24)The audience liked the show.(page 23)Kevin yankeed Leo into the stands.(page 22)Kevin was sreaming on the phone.(page 22) 


  One ordinary day at Mica High a new girl named stargirl came. At first everybody liked her then. She got a boyfreind named Leo. Nobody would look or talk to Stargirl asept a couple people same with Leo. So Leo had to make a choice Stargirl or classmates.    So he told Star girl to be more like the rest of them. The next day she changed her name to Susan and acted like them. But nothing changed so she changed her name back to Stargirl. A few days later she moved. But when Leo grew up one day before his birthday he recieved a Porcupine necklace.


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