Celebration of Latin Leaders

Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Simon Bolivar

Jean- Jacques Dessalines

Jean-Jacques Dessalines was born in 1758 in Africa. He died October 17, 1806. He was apart of the Slave class. In 1791, a slave rebellion broke out in Saint-Domingue and Dessalines was able to escape the plantation and join rising rebel leader Toussaint L'Ouverture. Their fight was to free all slaves on the island, but over time the goal would become independence in Haiti. Dessalines worked his way to L'Ouverture's lieutenant. He helped capture over half of the land controlled by the Spaniards. He then worked up to brigadier general. When europe was dealing with Napoleon, Dessalines and L'Ouverture fought over land. He eventually became the emperor of the island and named it Haiti. His people looked at him with disappointment and success. They didn't like the strict rule on farm lands and trade with certain countries.

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was born on July 24, 1783 in Venezuela, and died on December 17, 1830. Simon was apart of the Creole society. When Napoleon named Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain and its colonies, which included Venezuela, Bolívar joined the resistance movement. They were not happy under the rain of Spain. Simon left to go to Britain on a diplomatic mission. He and his followers invaded Venezuela on May 14, 1813. Bolívar was hailed as El Libertador (The Liberator), though civil war soon erupted.He was forced to flee to Jamaica and seek foreign aid. He later returned with the help of Haiti.He conquered and ruled what is now Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador. He also created the country of Bolivia. Simon is looked at as a great leader and the person who united South America.

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