Machines Are Taking Over

Technology has turned people from humans to robots

We always thought that robots were going to take over the world, but has smartphones beat them to it?

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How This Invasion Began

Over previous years, sales of smartphones have increased drastically. Over millions of citizens in America have possession of the popular iphone, and the numbers are increasing by the minute (Free). There are many perks to owning a smartphone; always accessible internet, easy and quick communication, and the entertaining games. Of course, the small computers are convenient but too many problems are rising with them.

Effects On Our Generation

In English class, we held a debate about texting and its effects on today’s teens. MIndy Purcell, teacher of 21 years, says “each new generation I teach is just a little worse at writing than the year before”. She explains that because of the excessive texting and typing, todays teens are creating habits of bad grammar. Instead of writing words, adults are finding teens using slang like “U”, “2”, and “i”. The worst part is that since they are so exposed to the media, the teens don’t know the mistakes they’re making. Along with the rubbish that is being written on paper, smartphones have been limiting our social skills. The society has begun to rely on communicating so much via internet that when we are approached with a face-to-face conversation, we choke and are not able to be social. This lack of personal communication has resulted in this generation of teens being hermits and having to hide behind screens. Without this transmission, our world will not be capable of overcoming the issues that occur beyond the internet.

what we can do to prevent the invasion

Teens are now so engrossed with technology and their cell phones that it has taken over their lives. Hiding behind a protective screen, someone can seem like a confident human being, however the reality is that they are a milquetoast. The problems that smartphones have caused are ones with lucid solutions that teens can do everyday. For example, at least once a day, teens should open a book and read for at least 15 minutes instead of browsing through social media sites. Reading will enhance their word vocabulary, and will help them in their writing for the future. Another issue that teenagers face because of phones is the lack or social skills. Being completely engaged with technology, teens have become so accustomed to communicating with others via text message, that the topic of speaking face-to-face with someone is foreign. An easy way to improve teens social skills is to put down their phones and be societal. Instead of being in a group chat, talking and “hanging out” with each other, teens should get out of their homes and actually meet up with friends. No matter the problem that cell phones have caused the solutions are always the same, putting down these small, handheld devices will impact teens worldwide in a positive way.

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The machines are here to stay

The 21st century is now, and now there are cell phones in close to every teenagers hands. Everywhere we go, there are people with their heads down, focused on their little, light-up distractions. The world today has become one so involved with technology that many people would be clueless about how to function without it. The technology that so called, “runs this nation,” is taking over our world, and it will never leave.

Sadie Schiermeyer

*How This Invasion Began

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Taylor O'Brien

*What We Can Do To Prevent The Invasion

*The Machines Are Here To Stay

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