Help protect wetlands with us!

What are wetlands?

Wetlands are areas where the water covers the soil, or is present at or near the surface of the soil all year. They consist of both aquatic and terrestrial animals. Wetlands can be found from the tundra to the tropics and on every continent except Antarctica.

What are different types of wetlands?

There are 4 different types of Wetlands and these are: Marshes, Swamps, Bogs, and Fens. These wetlands are being destroyed because of commercial issues like industries, businesses, and homes and we need to stop this because wetlands are a good thing for us humans.

We need more people to help us in this action

Wetland animals

Animals in these habitats are being left homeless and could die without any water. They are also less of these animals than there used to be due to the destruction of their homes. We need to help other people stop destroying these wetlands because they are homes to many different types of wildlife

Wetland Vegetation

Their are different types of plants and trees in every wetland. Swamps are to be found unique because the only things that grow their are trees! Marshes and fens are only contained of grasses and cattails because of the poorly drained mineral soil. Bogs are low in the nutrients needed for plant growth so their is not really much plants in a bog, but their are some plants. Those plants are carnivorous. Mosses cover most of the bogs floor, and many wildlife live in these habitats.
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