My Life As A Quest

By: Jeff Kuhn

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-I attended Star Of The Sea Catholic School from pre-k to 8th grade
  • here, I met many of my best friends that I have to this day
  • the experience that I had here has developed me into the person I am today: kind and open

-In August 2012 I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio

  • this was a major life changing event that had a great impact on who I am currently
  • going into freshman year as a new student forced me to develop advanced social skills
  • I met new friends here and even a girlfriend who I have been dating for over 2 years
  • I became involved in an array of new activities such as theatre and wrestling
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-I moved back to Virginia Beach
  • this major change effects me the most because just as I was finally settled in Cincinnati I had to move back to Virginia Beach and start senior year at First Colonial
  • this is the most important change in my life so far because it put to test the attributes and skills I learned while I lived in Cincinnati


-in the future, I plan to go to JMU and live with my girfriend

-plan to rent an apartment with her after college and pursue a master's degree

-I hope to return to Virginia Beach and start a family here

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