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touch sceens

The history behind the touch screen

the history of touch screens go back to the sensitive music synthesizers which were produced in 1948. According to the technology museum, Hugh Le Caine's Electronic sackbut is considered one of the first musical synthesizers.

E.A. Johnson the iventor of the touch screen

He was one of the world's first touch screen inventors. He was apart of England's Royal Radar Establishment he used the similar technology for radars in his touch screens

Here are some of the generations of touch screens

How the technology of touchscreens has advanced

From 1948 to 2013

The technology of touch screens has advanced by a rapid rate from phones to computers every inventors is trying to find new ways of making this system even better than what it is today. The first touch screen computer was developed by the University of Illinois, the device was called PLATO IV terminal which was created in the 60's. I t was used by students to answer questions using a the device. After that the University of Toronto developed a touch tablet that read multiple points