September 19-23, 2016

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Conferring starts this week!!

Last week, we launched our seminar time with students. This went very well and students made it to their humanities, math, and science classes without too many problems. This week we will start conferring with students. Each advisor has set aside 10-15 minutes of time to sit down with each student in their advisory. The schedules are listed on the FLIGHT website (under parent/student tab). We discuss how classes are going, if they are keeping up with their assignments, etc. Parents and students will receive a summary of each conference every week. This is a great conversation started over the dinner table! Remember that we are trying to create independent learners, however this can take time. Many students require many check-ins and some may have failures before they learn how to become independent. Weekly conferring is one of our most important tools in personalized learning! It is amazing to see how much each student improves from the conference summaries in September to the end of the year! Again, if you have questions or concerns, please contact your child's advisor.

First fieldtrip fundraiser

On Friday, we will send home our first optional fundraiser, O&H Kringle and holiday wreaths. All profits will go into your child's fieldtrip account to help off-set the cost of trips. Remember, that our 3 day trip to Chicago will be next year (once every 3 years), so you can start saving money in your account NOW! Please turn in ALL money and order forms by Wednesday, October 26th to your child's advisor!


Please send in 1.5L or 2L bottles with your child! One of the first projects that we will be doing this fall in science seminar, will require 2L and 1.5L plastic bottles. Please bring any used bottles to Flight so that we can give them a second life! If each student brought at least two bottles, then we would have enough bottles to begin our project.

Thank you for your help with this!!

The Week Ahead

  • Students have humanities today
  • They will be sharing their name posters and article of the week
  • Mr. Lees, Ms. Alsch, and Mr. Taege start conferring today


  • Students will have math and science today
  • Mr. Riley and Mrs. Krauter will start conferring today
  • Conferences start at 3:30pm, please bring students
  • 8th grade Washington DC trip informational meeting at 7pm in auditorium


  • Students will have humanities today
  • Mrs. Krauter will be gone at a meeting at the Institute for Personalized Learning in the AM
  • Students will begin to explore political and economic systems around the world
  • Lees/Taege/Alsch conferring


  • Students will have math and science today
  • Riley/Krauter conferring


  • Students will be working on their passion projects today
  • Biology students will explore celluar transport through the 'Unknown Solutions' lab
  • 6th graders will start their portfolios today
  • All student conferences for the week should be completed and parents should have received a summary

LAST CHANCE!! Conference Sign-Up

We have one more night of conferences this week on Tuesday, Sept.20. You can sign-up for a 15 minute time slot using the link: www.ptcfast.com/reg1

Once at the site, please enter the school code below for your child's advisor:

Ms. Alsch - V1C1143651

Mrs. Krauter - 6951143650

Mr. Lees - QC1160956

Mr. Riley - P831143653

Mr. Taege - D501143652