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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

October 5, 2015

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead

Weekly Theme: Apples


Apples definitely will have “A-Peel” in Kindergarten this week. We will learn that we truly are the apple of God’s eye as we continue to learn how He cares for his creations. We might be able to discover how many seeds are in an apple, but only God knows how many apples are in a seed.

Our apple unit will kick off the broader topic of Into the Woods. A class book “Goodbye Summer; Hello Fall” will be made along with a season’s clock. We will celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday this week. Every child needs a pan/pot (an old one preferably) to wear on his/her head on Wednesday. The easiest kind of “pot” to wear and keep on your head is a colander or plastic bowl that has been covered with aluminum foil. Very few pots fit the head or will stay on the head. We will wear our “hats” and toss out grass seed. An apple book that each child will be able to read will be brought home.

American Legends Volume 1: Johnny Appleseed


Hands-on math for this week will be fun as our science and language block mesh thematically with math. Each child needs to bring an apple to school on Tuesday, October 6th. Sorting, graphing, measuring, (mass and circumference), counting, patterning, estimating, and ordering (putting real apple products like apple pie filling, Apple Jacks, and apple juice in order by estimated weights.) Glyphs will be made. This word comes from hieroglyphics. Special apple pictures created by each child will tell a story and give information about each child.

Our MIF will have us working on addition facts. As we learn that addition means putting sets together, you will also have some homework that involves story problems that help children see addition as joining sets. My goal for the children as we begin our math facts is to understand that part-part will equal the whole and the whole is always larger that the parts.

Ten Apples Up On Top song in the style of Jason Mraz

Star of the Week--ABBY SNELL

Congratulations, Abby Snell! Abby is the Star of the Week! Abby loves soccer and her big sister, Anna. She has already become a reader and is fascinated by chapter books. Way to go, Abby! Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Abby is a good friend to her classmates and a real plus to CHCA!

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, October 13 - Sharon Wood Field Trip

Information and a permission note sent by email today and hard copy in the NOAH book tomorrow)

Thursday, October 15 - Camping Day

Wednesday, October 21 - Cosi

( volunteers still needed)

Monday, October 26 - Nocturnal Rotations

Wednesday, October 28 - Parent Teacher Conferences


Thursday, October 29 - Parent Teacher Conferences


October 28-November 2 - No School for students

School resumes November 3rd.

Grandparents Fill the World With LOVE!


Dear Families,

Grandparents Day was such a blessing The children did a wonderful job on their program about the seasons. They sang about each season. Each grandparent was introduced by the grandchild. Special cards were made and given to our special guests. A keepsake book for both the grandchild and grandparents was given and probably completed later. It certainly was a blessed day!

Thank you, Mrs. Shehata, for taking such wonderful pictures of the children and their grandparents. Great job!

Earlier, I sent you an email to explain the Homecoming Festival. If you have any questions, please let me know. Additionally, I sent information about our field trip to Sharon Woods. The second page of the email spells out the link to our curriculum as we head into October. We will be learning about the woods as a habitat and how both the plants and animals prepare for winter. The coming of fall is an excellent time to see how God's creation uniquely lives in a certain habitat and how the change in season is observable as well as how animals also adapt to changes in day and night.

Thank you for all of your preparation and help in making Grandparents Day such a success and creating some warm and wonderful memories.