Cadima Courier

Valentine's Day Edition

Cadima's Clever Class is working hard despite winter's best efforts to stop us!

Despite the seemingly constant breaks in our routine, we are working hard in 4th grade and continuing to learn! Some of the things we have been working on:

  • Literacy/Social Studies cross-curriculum focusing on the Revolutionary War
  • Organisms and their Environments - focusing on adaptations, food chains/webs, and both beneficial and harmful impacts to populations and ecosystems
  • Fractions, fractions, fractions!

Valentine's Day Party a success! Take that, early dismissal!

Thank you to parents who were able to join us today when we had to switch our party time to 9:30!

  • Valentines were exchanged and crafts (beading - fine motor skills) were made.
  • We also got in some Just Dance (dancing - gross motor skills) time, beating Mrs. Tuller's class in a Gangnam Style dance-off. Yes, we work hard, and we also play hard!
  • Best of all (for me), the students sang and signed me the sweetest Valentine song, led by Mrs. Severson. I am so thankful to have such an awesome class this year!!

Be sure to check for even more Valentine's Day fun.