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Desertification Basics

It is estimated that around 315 million people suffer from malnutrition or starvation because they live in areas threatened by desertification, which is fertile land turns into desert. One sub-Saharan country in particular suffering from the effects of desertification in Africa is Mali. If we can educate not only Africans but the rest of the world about desertification, we can stop the march of the Desert once and for all, saving and improving millions of lives.

The Causes and the Effects

-Causes of Desertification - Effects of Desertification:

- overgrazing - starvation and malnutrition

- deforestation - loss of money and wasted time

- over cultivation - people in debt

- over irrigation - plants and animals dead

- drought - homeless children

- overall poor farming methods - an expanded desert


Possible Solutions

Educating African Farmers

People need to be aware of possible solutions for fighting desertification such as:

- afforestation

- crop rotation

- use of fertilizer

- terracing

- controlling the grazing of farm animals

- good irrigation (making sure that the water does not evaporate)

- overall good farming methods

Unfortunately, most African farmers are uneducated and poor, practicing substantial farming and living in areas which are not very well-populated. It is hard for them to get the tools, help, and education they need to stop desertification from taking over their farm lands- and that's where you come in.


When you take our exclusive tour of the beautiful Savanna, 75% of what you pay goes toward getting tools for farmers to stop desertification and educating them about good farming methods. Enjoy the breath taking scenery of the Savanna while fighting desertification and saving lives. Let's make Africa green again and stop the encroaching desert. Who wouldn't donate? Make a difference today!