Football 7-a-side

Paralympic Games


7 a side football was introduced in 1984 and is a Paralympic game for people with cerebral disabilities. Each team consists of 7 athletes with 8 teams in total. There are 5 types of classifications, C4, C5, C6, C7 and C8, which decide how disabled, which judges the disabablilty of the players.

7 a side football is based on FIFA football, with very similar rules but has a smaller pitch, measuring in the region of 50x70m to 55x75m, and goal. One of the biggest rules in cerebral football is that there is no offside, and the whole match lasts for one hour.

Each team is not allowed to have over three C8 classified players playing at one time and each team must have either a C5 or C6 player. (Throw ins can be taken using one hand.)

There are two groups of four teams who play in a format known as round robin, which the winners will later go on the playing in a knockout round.

Paralympic football is based on FIFA Football rules with miner adjustments to compensate for the Paralympians dissabilities.

7 a Side Football, as in normal football, requires stamina, strength and tactical skill.