Don't take a virus straight to the liver.

How is it caught?

Any contact with stool or blood of an infected person, which includes if the infected person doesn't wash his/her hands properly after using the bathroom and ends up touching surfaces that you will be touching as well. It can also be caught if you participate in oral/anal sexual practices with an infected person.



  1. Do the one thing that make STD's an impossibility; STAY ABSTINENT!
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom (this hopefully isn't news.)
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly if you come into contact with an infected person's stools, as well as blood and other bodily fluids.
  4. Simply avoid unclean food and water.

If you're travelling internationally...

  1. Avoid dairy products.
  2. Avoid raw or undercooked meats and fish.
  3. Avoid sliced fruit that may have been washed with contaminated water.
  4. If possible, you should peel all fresh fruits and vegetables yourself.
  5. Don't buy food from street vendors.
  6. Get vaccinated against hepatitis A (and maybe B) if traveling to areas where outbreaks are common.
  7. Use carbonated bottled water ONLY when brushing your teeth.
  8. Avoid ice cubes, they can carry infection too.
  9. If no "safe" water is available, boil it. Bringing the water to a full boil for 1 minute at least is your best chance.
  10. Check heated food to make sure it is still hot to the touch.
  11. Then eat the heated food right away!