By: Luis Rodriguez

PLGO Lab Day 1

In this Lab my part was to pour the distilled water into the Flask. We needed to have 500 ml. The next thing I did was to place the flask on the heating plate. Then we all took turns moving the stir rod and watched it until it boiled. We need to be careful because we don't want it to flood or splash. While watching we answered our focus questions. This part of the Lab was to set up for the PGLO Lab.

PLGO Lab Day 2

My job in this part of the lab was to keep the samples cold. I also handed out the materials to the person who was using the samples when needed. The materials that I handed out was the yellow sticks, disposable micropipettes, and also the samples. I also spreaded the sample into the petri dishes in the end. My hypothesis is that the petri dish with LB/amp/ara would be the petri dish that will glow.

PLGO Lab Day 3

For this part of the Lab we observed each petri dish. We wanted to see which one will glow. We used a UV light to see if it glows. The one that glowed was the +pGLO LB/amp/ara. The +pGlO LB/amp had many colonies but it didn't glow because it needed arabinose. Both -pGLO LB/amp and -pGLO LB didn't have colonies and it didn't glow neither. Overall, our my hypothesis was correct.

GFC Lab Day 1 (extension)

Today we are setting up for the next part of the pGLO Lab. We had to separate the materials and put them into a bag. Each bag was labeled by group. What I did is that I double checked if all the materials were in the bag. The materials are a cup, three test tubes, a foam tube holder, and a micropipette. After that, all we had to do was to answer the lesson 1 questions.

GFC Day 2 (extension)

In this part of the Lab. We got our petri dishes and got a colony and with those yellow sticks we put it in the culture tubes and then it spend the whole night in the incubator. My part was to shake the culture tubes when a colony was added for 60 seconds. I also took the culture tubes and put them into the incubator. Lastly we answered our lesson 2 questions.

GFC Day 3 (extension)

In this part of the Lab. We got our culture tubes to check if they light up. Then I put it in the the centrifuge and watch it mix for 5 minutes. I took it out and dumped out the liquid to be able to see the pallet. Then we added buffer and lysosome. Then we put our culture tubes in the freezer over night. Lastly we answered our Lesson 3 questions.

GFC Day 4 (extension)

We got the samples out of the freezer and put it again into the centrifuge. After 5 minutes I took it out and transferred the supernatant of the sample into a fresh new green tube with a micropipette. Then we added buffer and put it back in the freezer. Lastly we answered our lesson 4 questions.

GFC Day 5 (extension)

We had three tubes with the results of the three types of buffers that we leaked out with the chromatography. The three types of buffer were the supernatant (binding buffer) in tube 1, wash buffer in tube 2, and TE buffer in tube 3. What I did was that I added the types of buffer into chromatography and out it leaked out into the tube. When we had our tubes with the results we observed them with a UV light to see if it glows. None of the three tubes glowed, which means that we didn't have protein. Lastly we answered our Lesson 5 question.