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December 8, 2015

Ending Your Semester Strong

We all know that the end of semester can be a stressful part of our college lives. Here are a few words of advice:

  1. First and foremost, know where you stand. Be sure that you have tracked what your current grade is in your course. Take time to reflect on the material you have learned and in the readings. Even if you have received high scores on all your exams, that is not an invitation to slack off and not study for your final.
  2. Be sure to communicate with your instructor. This is something that should really be done every semester with all of your instructors. Establishing this relationship helps once you come closer to finals time. Even if you haven’t gone in to their office during the semester, it’s never too late. Seek your instructor for extra help if you are encountering some difficulties in the course.
  3. It’s easy to think about the break coming after finals instead of focusing on the actual tasks at hand. You don’t have to cut your social life entirely, but definitely prioritize and make sure you are putting study time first.
  4. Do not cram! Maybe this is something you have done before and have waited until the last-minute, sometimes from habit, or sometimes just because life happens. We do this but we all know we shouldn’t. It seems so much easier than actually planning out days of studying. But it doesn’t help! Cramming leads more often than not leads to failing.
  5. Also, sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Plan ahead with your study schedule so that you aren’t up late night before an exam. Study bit by bit every day and get the sleep you need to retain information.

Keep your head on right and focus on the next couple of weeks. Set your goals, know where you stand, and do it right! Finish your semester strong so you can enjoy your break! And just hang in there! It’ll all be over before you know it.

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“Meet Your Instructor” is a new column in the DMED Newsletter, featuring instructors you may take throughout your time in the DMED program. In this edition, we are featuring Robert Hochstein!

Robert Hochstein

Office: GT - 107

Teaches: DMED 150, TVPR 101, TVPR 136, TVPR 210

Professor Robert Hochstein has been teaching here at Leeward Community College for 27 years. Along with teaching DMED 150 (Film Analysis & Storytelling), Professor Hochstein is also the Program Chair and Program Coordinator for Leeward’s Television Production (TVPRO) program, and also teaches several TVPRO courses.

Professor Hochstein graduated from California Teachers College with a Bachelors in Science for Secondary Education Communication. He also graduated with a Master of Science in Business Administration from Central Michigan University. Prior to teaching at Leeward CC, Professor Hochstein gained 20 years of experience through professional show business, radio, TV, live theatre, and as a management consultant. He is currently focused on his work here at Leeward, but is also involved with service learning projects as well.

Here’s a message from Professor Hochstein:

“I’m still a student [and] will be a student for life. Specific Jobs students can expect from the TVPRO Curriculum follow our 17 course titles so students can be assured of thorough education and hands-on “real world” training. These subjects, courses, and jobs include positions in commercial Digital Cinema movies, commercial TV Broadcasting, and also video production. Positions include Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Assistant Producer, Associate Producer, Camera Operator, Audio recording and production, Editing, Floor Manager, Casting, Lighting, Script Writing, Storyboarding, and Production Assistant. Half the people that work at KITV are TVPRO students.”

Free Certificates!

Congratulations on another (hopefully) successful semester at Leeward Community College! We're all another step closer to completing our degrees and certificates. For those that don't know, the Digital Media program is full of great certificates that you'll likely earn as you work on your Associate in Science degree. The best part? All Certificates of Competence are FREE! This may not last forever, so apply for your certificates ASAP.

The best way to go through the application process is to schedule an appointment with your Student Success Support Team (listed at the bottom of the newsletter). Your Academic Specialist, Melodee Himuro, and DMED Peer Mentor, Tyler Tapia, can help you fill out the applications before you take them to your counselor for approval.

No Fee Application Form:

If you are unsure which certificates you are eligible for, check here:

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A Message from Program Counselor Amy Amper

DMED- it is time to register for Spring 2016 and you don't want to miss out on these SPRING ONLY courses:
DMED 122, DMED 132, DMED 133, DMED 235, DMED 236, DMED 240, DMED 241,DMED 242, DMED 261
ART 156, ART 202, ART 214, ART 221

Internet Publishing Specialization students, you will need to eventually take ICS 151 Structure Database programming for your specialization. It is usually only offered in Spring, so if you have not yet registered for it please do now. (Prerequisite: Completion or concurrent enrollment in ICS 113, or consent of instructor. Recommended preparation: DMED 120)

Is this your last semester? If so, please submit your graduation application to me no later than the last day of class 12/10/15.

Spring 2016 Payment Deadline

If you've already registered for the Spring 2016 semester and haven't paid your fees, do so NOW! The payment deadline is only a couple days away. Don't wait until the last second and risk losing the classes you registered for. The PAYMENT DEADLINE is 3:30pm on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015. Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees incurred because of registration. The University reserves the right to cancel your registration. This means that if you don't pay for your classes prior to the deadline, you will be removed out of your Spring classes and you will have to re-register for those classes, with no guarantee that there will still be a spot for you.

If you register after Dec. 11, 2015 you are responsible to make a payment or officially withdraw by the appropriate deadlines. Failure to do this could result in a FINANCIAL OBLIGATION HOLD.

Hour of Code

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 9:30am-4:30pm


Hour of Code is a global movement to get everyone to try coding this month. Students, staff, and friends can drop by GT-105 anytime between 9:30 am to 4:30 pm to learn how to make their own Andriod app during 10 Minute app activities. There is NO experience needed so tell your friends to join the fun as well!

Student Success Support Team, here to help you!

Amy Amper

Program Counselor

Academic Counseling, Class Registration and Degree Planning

Melodee Himuro

Academic Specialist

Academic Skills, Campus Resources

Tyler Tapia

Peer Mentor

Peer Support and Campus Resource Connection