By Ashleigh Walpole.


Are religious ceremonies consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

Christian Rituals.

ex; Going to church on Sundays, reading the Bible and taking part in the 7 sacraments.

Jewish Rituals.

ex; daily prayer, Sabbath services, birth & naming ceremonies, circumcision, coming of age, marriage & divorce.


Are acceptances that a statement is true or that something exists.

Christian Beliefs.

ex; Christians believe in one all powerful God, who's son, Jesus Christ, is his embodiment on earth.

Jewish Beliefs.

ex; Jews believe there is only One God.


Are things that represent or stand for something else.

Christian Symbols.

ex; One Catholic symbol is the dove which symbolises peace.

Jewish Symbols.

ex; One Jewish symbol is the Star of David.


Are traditional stories of the history of a people. One that typically involves supernatural beings or events.

Christian Myths.

ex; the Destruction of Leviathan.

Jewish Myths.

ex; Noah's ark

Sacred Texts.

Are writings or documents that are considered valuable or special.

Christians Sacred Texts.

ex; one of the most esteemed Catholic texts is the Bible.

Jewish Sacred Texts.

ex; The Tanach is the Judaism version of the bible.

Social Structure.

Is the level of importance in a group.

Christians Social Structure.

ex; In the Christian social structure the Pope is at the top and Priests are at the bottom.

Jewish Social structures.

ex; In the Jewish religion Rabbi's are at the head of the social ladder & the Jewish people are at the bottom.

Codes of Conduct or Ethics.

Are the beliefs of what is right or wrong (things you shouldn't do/things that are 'bad').

Christian Codes of Conduct or Ethics.

ex; The law of marriage, the law of not killing, the law of worshipping God and none other, don't preform adultery, theft or covetousness either.

Jewish Codes of Conduct or Ethics.

ex; thou shalt not murder, thou shall write words of Torah on the doorposts of your house, thou will eat & be satisfied & bless the Lord your God, that a man shall not commit incest with his daughter or his daughter's daughter & thou shalt honor your mother and father.

Religious Experiences & Spirituality.

Are the 'wow' moments in life, special things that happen to you.

Christians Religious Experiences & Spirituality.


Jewish Religious Experiences & Spirituality.