Followers are called Christians

About Christianity

The followers of Christianity are called Christians. Some beliefs that Christians have are the day of Sabbath, and the Holy Trinity. The day of Sabbath is on Sunday and it is the day of rest. The Holy Trinity is the Father, Son-Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The two traditions Christians commit to are Baptism and Holy Communion. Baptism is the introduction into Christianity. The Holy Communion is the sharing of bread and wine to remember Jesus’s Last Supper (last meal with his followers before he was crucified). Christians worship at churches. Christians worship leaders are called ministers, preachers, priests, or pastors. The Christian holy book is called the Holy Bible. The holy days of Christianity are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the birth of Christ. Easter is the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ which allows believers to live with God eternally in Heaven. The Christian holy places include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Common Beliefs

All three religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam believe in the god of Abraham. The three religions are monotheistic religions because they only believe in one god.