Rustic Shelf

Made by Conor, Jack, Maddie, and Adelaide

The Best Shelf

This shelf was upcycyled from an unused pallet of wood. We began our project by taking apart the pallet and organizing the wood. We then sanded our wood, and cut it to the desired lengths. We then painted the pieces the colors we wanted. After the paint dried, we nailed the three large pieces of wood together, and nailed the smaller pieces of wood to the three. After the wood was nailed, three hooks were screwed onto the bottom of the planks, so things could be hung at the base of the shelf. The finished product is a simple and beautiful design that can be a perfect place for photo frames, small plants, or candles, as well as hanging keys or jackets.

Final Masterpiece

With hard work dedication, this project became one the most fun experiences we as group had faced. We worked together to achieve the final product and our efforts paid off! The result is an enchanting and rustic shelf that can be used for many different things!