Characteristics of a Six Year Old

By: Aly Handy

Physical Characteristics of a Six Year Old

  • By this age children should be able brush their teeth without help from a parent.
  • The child's neck will be longer than what it was when they were three.
  • The child should hold arms closer to their body when walking than they did as a toddler.

Motor Skills of a Six Year Old

  • Should be able to jump rode by this point.
  • Should be able to ride a bike without training wheels.
  • Should be able to write entire words.

Emotional Characteristics of a Six Year Old

  • Will experience rapid mood changes.
  • Can enjoy music, dance lessons, or organized sports.
  • Crave praise and approval, easily hurt and disturbed.

Social Characteristics of a Six Year Old

  • Want everything and want to do everything their way.
  • Normally have friends the same age and same sex, but play readily in mixed groups.
  • Have no regard for team effort.

Physical Car of a Six Year Old

  • Children are less interested in bathing than they were as a toddler.
  • Most children will like helping pick out their clothing and if they don't then include them in the process.
  • Need 10-12 of sleep a night.