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Get Groovy at the Spring Book Fair!

Our Spring Scholastic Book Fair is coming! So dig out your bell bottoms, flash a peace sign, hop in your VW van, and come shop for summer reading!

The Fair runs from Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 20.

Hours are:

Monday: 8:30-3:00

Tuesday - Thursday: 7:15 - 3:30

Friday: 7:15 - Noon

Can't make it to the Fair? It's all copacetic! You can shop from home with our Online Book Fair.

Happy Reading!

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Click on the link above to see the bookfair flyer!

A Slithery Situation!

Savannah, the ball python, is back! This is her fourth visit to the Huebner Elementary Library and has become quite a popular guest!

You might ask, why would I bring a snake into the library?

Well, because it's AWESOME!

Plus, the kids love learning about snakes (always a popular check-out) and it's so cool when they can see what they are learning about live.

Also, I want my students to develop an appreciation for all living things - even the ones they think are icky or scary.

Another added benefit is many students who believe they are afraid of snakes have found the courage to pet Savannah. I think my favorite comment I hear often is that she feels so scaley! Of course she does - because she's covered in scales. They have faced a fear and found that it wasn't as scary as they thought it would be. Of course, we talk about the type of snake Savannah is and why it is safe to pet her with me. We shouldn't pet every snake we come across.

We are so privileged to get to borrow Savannah for two weeks each year from our Regional Living Science Center.

Jeff Mack Author Visit

Texas Hero Research

Fourth graders had the opportunity to become a Texas Hero this month while working on their research project. Students accessed a variety of print and digital resources using iPads, Chromebooks, and Biographies. In May, they will transform into their Texan and give a short speech telling what makes them a great leader at our annual Texan Celebrity Ball.

April Stats

Circulation Numbers

Total Check-outs: 2,079

Kinder: 162

1st: 523

2nd: 357

3rd: 355

4th: 294

5th: 352

Staff: 32

Parent: 4

Program Participation

4th 9-Weeks Book Bingo: 32 Total

Second Grade 2x2 Readers: 52 Participants


Let's Meet Jeff Mack - Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grades

Beware of the Frog - Kinder

Insect Research - 1st Grade

700's Graduation - 1st Grade

Texas Hero Research - 4th Grade

Special Events

Jeff Mack Author Visit

Mrs. Watts Went to TLA!