Welcome Back Jaguars!

August 17th - August 21st

Mrs. Morrison - School Counselor

Happy New School Year!

Happy happy new school year to all of our NCE Jaguars! We are so excited to start a new year and want to help provide some resources that could be helpful as we start the year a little differently. In addition to academic instruction, families function on supporting each other socially and emotionally. Use these weekly highlights to try new things in supporting each other at home!

Where do we start?

During this first few weeks, we just want to help students (and teachers) settle into a routine. If you have a system that is working for you, that is great! If you are still looking for some ways to get started, here are some helpful things that you could try! Every family is different so we encourage families to do what works for them!

1) Setting up a Workspace

Just like in the classroom, setting up a designated workspace for your student to Zoom or complete activities can be helpful in keeping focus and getting into "school mode"! This might look like sitting at the kitchen table, desk, or floor seating with a lap pad. This space mirrors what students would have in the building and sets the tone for school!

2) Eating Breakfast

Research shows that eating a fulfilling meal before starting our day impacts not only our physical well being but also our mental alertness and ability to focus! Just as we encourage students to eat before they get to school or when they arrive, full stomachs help everyone get their day started on good note! I personally love froot loops :)

3) Keep Calm & Carry On

It's the first week of school and everyone is feeling a little bit nervous! New grade, new teachers, and a new way of doing school. Practicing keeping our mind and body calm when anxious feelings arise is so important as we transition to the new year! Here are some awesome resources to get into the zone before zoom calls or just in general!

Let's Make it a Great First Week Back!

We are so excited to have our students back and cannot wait for a great school year!