Pasquotank River Basin

By: Destiny and Maddy


The Pasquotank river basin is located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The headwaters for this basin is in Gates County and the mouth of the basin is in Camden County.

Miles and Population

There are 2000 miles of streams and rivers in the basin. There are 39,981 people as of 2013 that live in the Pasquotank river basin.


Non point pollution would be degradation of water quality which includes: agriculture, animal operations, urban development, forestry, storm water, discharge, and septic system. Point source pollution would be loss of riparian vegetation, straightening of streams, and the erosion of banks. We can solve non point pollution by having people realize that how much waste you out in the water it will also affect you. They could make laws saying how much waste is allowed from farmers because a lot of it comes from them. For point source solution we need to tell people/make laws to leave the basin alone and let it from itself through nature. Important land forms/places would be Dismal Swamp, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devils Hills, Lake Phelps (which goes through Virginia and North Carolina), and the Roanoke and the Chowcan river basins are located near it.
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