Miss Sumpter's Awesome Updates

3rd grade Class

Snow Days and Field Trips!

So last week was full of distractions, and yesterday we had our first field trip. With all of this going on we have to play catch up this week. We are behind but I know with hard work that we will be back on schedule. As always please make sure your child is reading and studying at home before a test is announced. Thanks for your support, I am blessed to have such a supportive group of parents :)


Charlotte's Web continues to create a bond within our classroom. I hope that you are enjoying reading the book at home with your child. Some of the students are still writing summaries as personal responses this is not what I am looking for. A personal response gives the students an opportunity to reflect on what they read. Reflecting allows students to write down what they notice, wonder, predict, infer, and how they are feeling about the chapter. This month the students will have to complete a Biography Book Report on a person in African American History, I will be sending this information home soon.


I hope that we will be finishing up our feature articles this week. Next week we will start opinion writing in class. PASS Writing is coming up quickly so we will start prompt writing as well. If you notice that your child is not using punctuation marks and capital letters please practice and work on this with them at home.


Please make sure that your child is studying their Multiplication Facts daily. We are coming to the end of Multiplication and Division. We have started Chapter 9 which is on Equations. I expect the students to be able to recognize their properties in math (Associative, Distributive, and Commutative) as it relates to the equations so it is important that they use their fold-able to study at home.


Our Force and Motion Unit is coming to an end soon. A study guide will be sent home as well as the Test Date. Our next unit is on Earth Materials.

SC History

We are having fun discussing the classes of people during the Antebellum period. The Antebellum Doll projects will be sent home this week so please be on the lookout for this.


  • Princess Ball : February 7 at 7pm,
  • Tag of Honor Ceremony : February 7
  • Utilize My Math Online Resources
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