Imperialism and The Progressive Era

By: Mackenzie Campbell

How can the presidents push for progressivism at home yet repress other cultures in other countries?

Presidents like President Theodore Roosevelt had two different people, the lower class fighting for better working conditions and the higher class wanting more Natural resources, more spread of American culture, and they wanted power over other countries outside of America.

Why did they start?


One reason why Imperialism in America started when large business owners thought it would be useful to them to get places like Hawaii and the Philippines for natural resources. Another reason why Imperialism started in America was because People in America wanted to spread their way of life through out the world.

Progressive Era:

The Progressive Era started because the treatment of the factory workers, the working hours, women's rights, and a lot more problems existed in America at this time. Many people believed these problems had to be fixed which started the Progressive Era.

How can these two ideas co-exist in one country?

These two ideas can happen in the country because one of them is in the country and the other is out of the countries borders. Though they are really different ideas they can be executed at the same time because they aren't in the same area. Though one is about conquering other lands and making them come under American control (Imperialism) and another is about giving everyone a fair chance at freedom and to have the same rights (Progressive Era) they both can happen in America because they are in different areas.

What are the ideals behind them?

Progressive Era:

The ideal behind the Progressive Era was to give people fair working conditions, working hours, and gave some people equality. It was also made to fix the main problems that Industrial Revolution caused.


The main Idea of Imperialism is to conquer smaller, weaker countries and put them under American rule. This extends America's power and influence through a diplomacy or military.

What is the basic theme behind both of them?

The Progressive Era and Imperialism both have something in common, they want to make a better country. The Progressive Era people are trying to progress America to make it better,and Imperialism is the spreading of America past it's boundaries. Though these are different they share the same main concept.