Chinese Revolution

By: Lexi, Elizabeth, and Nicole

How did geography play a role in the establishment of the civilization and its interaction with others?

Because China shares a border with Russia makes it easier for Russia to support the Chinese revolution. China is also near Japan so it makes it easier for Japan to invade.
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How was their society organized and how well did it function?

  • Communist vs. Nationalists
  • Women played a key role in the May 4th movement
  • Communists joined the Nationalists army in 1926-1927 to rid the nation of warlords that prevented the formation of a strong central government
  • This union ended during "White Terror" in 1927 when the Nationalist killed and purged the Communists because of their party
  • The Nationalists popularity eroded due to the years of corruption and mismanagement

What makes the civilization unique or interesting?

  • Japan invaded Northeastern China in 1931
  • This started a Sino-Japanese War
  • The actual revolution began May 16, 1966
  • Under rule of Mao Zedong
  • Called Maoist phase (1949-1976)
  • Led to the death of 70 million people
  • September 9, 1976, end of Revolution (Mao dies)


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