Best Green Career Ever

Corporate Finance Manager

About the Job

In the job as a Corporate Finance Manager you have to invest money into different business ideas and your business. What you have to do for the job you put money into shares . The green part about this job is that you can take the money from your business and invest it into other business that are trying to go green. Like I could take the money and put it into someone that is trying to start up a solar panel company. The advantages of this job is that you make a lot of money and I get to travel a lot plus you can help the world too. But the disadvantages are that it is a lot of work and you have long hours. You can get this job too it;s not rare, there is over 10,00 of these jobs.But to get this job you need education and the standards that you need are• BSc (Hons) Environmental Geo science
• MSc Applied Meteorology –
• Qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte (ACA

Money and other intrests


Money the money that you make from this job is $103,910 per year.