New York

The land of many names

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Big things to come

In 1660, which is today known as the famous Wall Street, which is the center of the worlds finance was once a boring big wall. The wall marked a settlement on the Island of Manhattan. Some things are still there but most old stators have disappeared.
We wanted to challenge a rival of ours the Dutch, whom we have proven to be able to defeat because we did three times in wars. We wanted to be in complete control of the slave trade and they were again in our way. Sir James the duke of York was given the lands between Connecticut and the Delaware river by King Charles which was inhabited by the pesky Dutch settlers. We took control of the land in 1664, however we gave some land away by the name of New Jersey to some of Sir James's wealthy friends John Berkley and George Carteret. The land of the Dutch New Netherland then became York. The region was diverse with the Dutch being a part of New York City and along the Hudson river and English on long Island. We allowed the Dutch to have a freedom of religion. our governor was very generous in giving two million acres of land away with most as manors. We did not want to attract the wrong people therefore we had strict polices to keep the unwanted out. James did go though a period of greed by trying to raise revenue,taxes and regulate trade, but his plan was outvoted, he then gave us the choice of having a elective assembly. I attended the first meeting and a group of English and Dutch gentlemen passed a "Charter of Liberty's and Privileges" which is accepted by the King would guarantee us countless civil freedom and the choice of self governing. We wanted freedom, we wanted a voice, we wanted to be able to pay reasonable taxes, trial by jury, women rights, The King didn't want us to be the only place with such rights because he felt it would conflict with parliament. We fought in defiance and all of the anger led to our city from expanding more.
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