being Creative


Brochures is awesome for givng information while being very creative. You change you fonts, the background, color ect. Its also really good for persuading people to come and go to your event. On a brochure you type in your informaiton, add pictures, and do much more than that. There is so much to do you wil be amazed. You should try this out and its really easy to do and it doesn't take long to do. I think you'll love it!

Formatting: opacity, graphics, rotations, inspector

Formating makes whatever you are making a lot cooler,and creative. the opacity is where you change how much you can see the writing. The graphics are your photos that you put on wtth your information. Rotations is where you can rotate your pictures and information. and your inspector is where all your tools for a ruler, and also color background ect.

Creating posters

Creating posters is just like a making a brochure. But you can do way more with it like making a news letter adding lines and Cool backgrounds like mixed coloring and rotating it to make it look awesome. There is so many things you can do on pages. You could also make a card if you wanted. Also if you just explore and mess around with it you will find lots more stuff than you think.