Independent oil Nation

Surya.R and James.K

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Plan to make us independent from foreign oil

1. Find more oil on our land (USA) by hiring more people and construction workers.
2. Try to find alternate fuel sources and promote government research.
3. After we find many domestic sources of oil cut MOST international relationship with oil (Keep relations with most stable countries)
4. Cut the taxes on the oil Which will make our economy better.
5. Promote more government research on alternate fuel sources.
6. Find stable sources of alternate fuel like solar energy, Fuel cells and wind energy.
7. Slowly convert to cleaner, more abundant, fuel sources.

This shows oil imports over time

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Why is imported oil bad?

The main reason is that it hurts our economy. It also makes us more dependent on foreign oil. Importing foreign oil means that we are sending millions of dollars to unstable countries; countries with governments that threaten our security, economy, and people. Imported oil is also more expensive than oil that are produced domestically. We also promote new, cleaner, more abundant sources of energy. However, for now, we need to drill for more oil in the U.S. ION, (Independent Oil Nation)s mission is to free ourselves from the unnecessary bonds with unstable oil producing countries. This plan needs to be put in action because it helps our economy and it makes us more dependent. Once this plan has taken action we can start looking and inventing new sources of energy like the ones listed above.

With new technology we can drill more oil and we have enough to sustain ourselves

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See how ION is promoting alternate sources of energy